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SIMNET Quickstart Guide

Updated: 1 day ago

Welcome to SIMNET: Drone Design and Simulation Powered by the Cloud. SIMNET is a cloud-based platform for drone design, simulation, and flight training that runs on your browser.

Accessing SIMNET

SIMNET is a cloud-based service that runs right on your browser. Once have signed up for an account through our signup page, simply click on the 'ENTER WORKSPACE' button on the homepage to begin using SIMNET. Note that SIMNET works exclusively on the Chrome browser, so you will need to install it first if needed.

SIMNET Tutorials

SIMNET is a versatile platform utilized by drone software and hardware developers, researchers, drone pilots, drone service providers, and academic institutions worldwide. Below is an overview of its applications. Please select any item to delve deeper into how to use SIMNET for that specific purpose.

Manual Flight Simulation of Multicopters, Fixed-Wings and VTOLS

Manual Flight Simulation of Multicopters, Fixed-Wings and VTOLS in Virtual Reality

Autonomous Flight of Multicopters, Fixed-Wings, and VTOLS using ArduPilot or PX4

Modeling Your Own Quadplane VTOL Using SIMNET Designer

Designing a Quadcopter Drone Using SIMNET Designer

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