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  • Which algorithms does SIMNET use to predict the aircraft performance?
    SIMNET relies on the proprietary Typhon Physics Engine to predict the flight dynamics and performance of arbitrary drone configurations. You can learn more about the various analysis algorithms used in the Technical Overview page.
  • Can you import existing CAD designs to SIMNET Designer?
    The analysis done by SIMNET is not based on the 3D model itself, but the design specifications entered through the user interface. For this reason, it is not posisble to import existing 3D design into SIMNET. However, you can use the 'Reference Image' feature to load top, front and side images of an existing design, to help you quickly re-create the aircraft within SIMNET.
  • How does the subscription model work?
    SIMNET is offered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model, which means users subscribe and pay periodically through a subscription to gain access to the service. To subscribe to SIMNET, go to the Pricing page and select your desired plan, then submit your payment through the checkout form. The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each plan period. Each license provides access to one concurrent SIMNET instance, on any computer. You may cancel automatic renewal from your Subscription Plans page at any moment. Once the subscription period ends, you will lose access to the account, but the account and its data will remain, and can be re-accessed by subscribing again.
  • Does my subscription include technical support?
    All subscriptions include email techincal support five days a week. SIMNET Designer subscribers receive prioritized support. We usually reply to support questions within 24 hours.
  • Which controllers can I use with SIMNET?
    Some drone transmitters (such as the FRSky Taranis) have joystick support, and can be configured for use within SIMNET. If your drone transmitter does not have this feature, you can use a USB dongle (such as this one) to interface your transmitter to the computer through the USB port. Otherwise you can use virtually any other controller which is recognized by your operating system as joystick or gamepad, such as an XBox controller.
  • How can I contact support?
    You can contact us by using the Help widget located on the bottom-right corner of the SIMNET site and the SIMNET console. We will reply through email as soon as possible.
  • How  can I reset my password?
    To reset your password, log out from SIMNET, and on the login page click on 'I forgot my password'. Enter your account email address to receive a password reset email.
  • Which browsers are supported?
    SIMNET currently supports the Chrome browser exclusively.
  • What are the minimum internet and hardware requirements to run SIMNET?
    The following are the minimum requirements for running any version of SIMNET: Internet connection requirements: * 10 Mbps download speed (Test internet speed here: * Stable internet connection with less than 2.5% packet loss and below 30 ms jitter, and below 300 ms latency to a server located within the US (Test connection quality here: Software Requirements: Operating system: Any operating system Browser: Chrome Minimum hardware requirements: CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent, or better GPU: Dedicated graphics card recommended, but not required RAM: 8 GB Storage: No requirement Recommended hardware: CPU: Intel Core i7 or equivalent, or better GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or equivalent, or better RAM: 16 GB Storage: No requirement
  • Which controllers can I use with SIMNET?
    Any drone controller, gamepad, or joystick which can be interfaced to the computer, and is properly detected by the Chrome browser (browser compatibility can be tested through can be used with SIMNET. Below are the main options we recommend, with the advantages and disadvantages of each one: Spektrum InterLink DX Price: $99 USD Advantages: Has a switch that activates/deactivates throttle centering spring Has a knob that can be used for camera tilting Has a pushbutton that can be used for camera triggering Has 7 switches Does not require batteries or charging. Works out of the box. Disadvantages: Sometimes not detected by the computer when it is plugged into unpowered USB ports. May require a powered USB hub for use with some PCs. Have faced poor calibration issues Does not work as an actual drone transmitter; it is simulation-only FlySky FS-I6S Price: $75 USD Advantages: It has a similar look/feel to large DJI controllers It has two sliders that can be used for tilt/zoom Has two pushbuttons that can be used for video/photo Has 4 switches that can be used for mode changes Includes micro USB cable for plugging into PC Also works as an actual drone transmitter, and includes a receiver Disadvantages: Requires 4 AA batteries (will not work even when USB connected, if it does not have batteries) The throttle does not spring to center Controller can be modded using 3rd party parts to self-center, but requires tools and opening the controller Notes: By default, the sliders are not activated (although switches are), so they are not detected by the computer or by SIMNET. You have to go to the transmitter settings using its touch screen, and assign the sliders to the Aux channels. BETAFPV Literadio 2 SE Price: $55 Advantages: Plug and play It has a similar look/feel to small DJI controllers Good quality sticks and controller feel Can be used as an actual drone controller Integrated rechargeable batteries Has two 3-position switches, and two 2-position switches Disadvantages: Does not have sliders for smooth camera control Throttle does not spring to center XBox One Wireless Controller Price: $58 Advantages: Plug and play Can be used wired using a micro USB cable (not included), or wirelessly through bluetooth connection If using the USB cable, batteries are not required. Two AA batteries are needed for wireless use Rugged Easy to source locally, and many users may already have them Has two sliders that can be used for precise camera tilting Disadvantages: The feel of sticks is not the same as an actual drone controller No switches, but has multiple buttons
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