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About Us

Our mission at CQV is to develop state-of-the-art drone design and simulation tools that empower developers, researchers, educators, and students to enable the next revolution in flight.


The Company

CQV (ComQuest Ventures LLC) was founded in 2014 in Puerto Rico, United States, with the goal of advancing hybrid Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) drone technologies.  After being unable to find drone design tools adequate for VTOL development, we started developing our own proprietary toolset called Typhon UDX.  While existing tools are discipline-specific and laborious to use, Typhon UDX was developed based on modern engineering paradigms such as multidisciplinary, real-time analysis and simulation methods.  The software was refined and validated over the years through numerous commercial drone development projects, and since then our tools have helped drone hardware and software developers around the world reduce their development time and costs when producing advanced drone systems.  Researchers, educators, and students have also benefited from our tools in the academic field. 


SIMNET represents our next-generation offering, which combines the Typhon Physics Engine with cloud technology, making the tool more capable and accessible to a wider user base.



Juan Cruz-Ayoroa, PE

Aerospace Engineer


AJ Cruz-Ayoroa, PhD

Computer Engineer

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