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SIMNET Services

We offer customized UAS simulation solutions and consulting services leveraging the SIMNET platform, catering to a variety of clients such as drone manufacturers, academia, drone operators, and pilot training organizations. No matter the scale of the project, our engineering team is ready to provide consulting and customization services to meet your simulation needs.


Custom UAS Training Content and Courses

Whether you're a business aiming to establish or improve an in-house pilot training program, a training service provider looking to broaden your course offerings, or an educational institution seeking to enrich its curriculum with simulation-based training, the SIMNET Academy platform offers a versatile solution to help you reach your goals.  Our team is on hand to seamlessly integrate SIMNET Academy into your existing workflow and training content.  We are also able to create new training content following client specifications and requirements. We specialize in designing detailed, self-paced courses that are integrated into our Learning Management Systems, complete with custom, simulation-based flight lessons. These courses can cover topics such as manual piloting skills, learning to use specific ground control station software, or learning to handle emergency flight scenarios on specific UAS platforms, and are specifically crafted to align with your unique procedures, regulations, and needs.


Creating Custom UAS Simulation Models

Our team can create ready-to-use digital twin models of existing aircraft, accurately capturing their flight characteristics, performance, and looks, including simulation of specific flight control systems, and interface to ground control station software and hardware.  Once these models are created, they can be used throughout the SIMNET toolset and shared between accounts, including SIMNET Designer, Simulator, Academy, and through the SIMNET API.  We are also proficient in accurately recreating specific 3D flight environments according to customer specifications, including large flight areas using satellite geospatial datasets.


Custom Functionality and Integrations

The SIMNET platform is built to be highly adaptable, allowing our team to seamlessly add new features and capabilities in response to our customers' requirements, and to instantly roll out these features to end users. This can range from improvements to the physics engine, integration with third-party tools, to the introduction of innovative analysis or simulation interfaces, making SIMNET a platform that constantly adapts to your evolving needs.

Partnership Opportunities

We are open to discussing mutual-benefit opportunities involving partnerships, distributors, or integration with other platforms.


Contact us today to explore how we can help you reach your goals through our customization and consulting services.

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