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VR Simulation Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Virtual Reality simulation with SIMNET.

SIMNET can be used in Virtual Reality (VR) mode in order to enhance the realism of the simulation. Currently, the Meta Quest 2 VR headset is the only officially supported headset for SIMNET. You don't need a VR-capable PC to run SIMNET in VR, as it runs directly on the headset's native browser.


  1. Open the Quest 2 browser, then go to and log-in using your SIMNET credentials.

  2. Select your aircraft and location, then click on 'Enter VR Mode' to begin the simulation. When in VR mode, notice you have a virtual controller in your hands, which displays the first-person camera view. You control the aircraft using the Quest 2 controllers, as follows.

The vollowing video provides a demonstration of how VR simulation works.

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