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SIMNET Academy Tutorial

While SIMNET Simulator is a free-flight simulation platform, SIMNET Academy provides structured training courses that integrate theoretical instruction via the SIMNET Learning Management System (LMS) with hands-on simulated flight sessions. This tutorial explains how you can enroll and participate in courses offered by the SIMNET Academy.

Accessing SIMNET Academy

To enroll in a SIMNET Academy course, please visit our courses page and select your desired course for purchase. Upon completion of your purchase, you will be sent an email detailing the steps to set up your SIMNET LMS account and gain access to your chosen course. No additional purchases or subscriptions are required. Log in to the SIMNET LMS to access the course.

The SIMNET Learning Management System

SIMNET Academy Learning Management System (LMS) Interface

You will use the SIMNET LMS to access the course and track your progress. Each course consists of a sequence of lessons, concluding with a final exam. Successful completion of the exam earns you a certificate. Some lessons cover theoretical concepts, while others focus on practical flight simulation. When you enter a flight simulation lesson, it initiates a new SIMNET session, preset with a specific aircraft and flight locale. Your objective during these lessons is to complete training tasks in sequence, ensuring you adhere to the given constraints. The tasks and constraints are tailored to fit the unique objectives of each training scenario and will be explained in more detail in a briefing before entering the training scenario.

Examples of training tasks include:

  • Flying to designated locations

  • Navigating through rings

  • Capturing images of specific targets

On the other hand, training constraints might encompass:

  • Not exceeding a specific altitude

  • Keeping the aircraft within the pilot's line of sight

  • Finishing the tasks within a set timeframe

Training Interface

Upon initiating the simulator in training mode, a distinct training interface will be presented to you. Located in the bottom-left corner is the 'Training Status Display', which provides an overview of your training progress, current score, and elapsed time. If a training mission is time-sensitive, the time limit will be clearly displayed here.

To guide you through your training sequence, a green training path will connect all the tasks. This path acts as a visual guide, indicating the sequence in which the tasks should be executed. The task currently in focus will be accentuated with a purple highlight. Additionally, at the screen's base, a 'Task Instruction' message will appear, offering detailed instructions on the requirements and objectives of the active task.

SIMNET Training Interface

Training Scenario Demo

Click the button below to access a sample training scenario demo, to get you acquainted with how training scenarios work in SIMNET Academy. In this scenario, you must take pictures of the targets located around the buildings, while avoiding obstacles and maintaining line of sight with the pilot at all times. This course requires you to set up and use a controller for manual flight of the aircraft. View our Manual Flight Simulation Tutorial to learn how to set up your controller, and how to use the flight simulation interface.

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