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This self-guided online course will teach the fundamentals of using the Mission Planner Ground Control Software to plan and execute autonomous missions using ArduCopter. The course will cover the most commonly used auto mission commands, and various modes of auto altitude control including terrain following. 


This course was developed in collaboration with and is certified by the ArduPilot Project, and includes expert tips and tricks on how to best use the ArduPilot flight control system. Upon completion of the course, students receive an official completion certificate.

What You Will Learn

  • The course will cover the following Auto mission command types:

    • Takeoff

    • Waypoint

    • Spline

    • Land

    • Return-to-Launch

    • Do-Jump

    • Do-Change-Speed

  • The following topics lie outside the scope of this course, and will be covered in other courses:

    • Survey mission planning and execution

    • Geofencing

    • Advanced mission command types

    • Gimbal and payload commands

Course Description

  • 5 simulated flight lessons
  • SIMNET Academy and ArduPilot Project certificate of completion awarded at the end of the course
  • The purchase of this course includes access to the SIMNET Simulator platform for 6 months or 15 hours of simulation time.  This is sufficient to complete the course, and any remaining time can be used for free-flight simulation within the SIMNET Simulator platform.   If you wish to continue using SIMNET Simulator after this period, you may choose to purchase a subscription through the pricing page.



  • This course requires no prior knowledge.
  • Hardware Requirements: 
    • Controller: You will need a controller for flying the aircraft. Most UAV controllers that can be interfaced with a computer can be used with SIMNET. You may also use an XBox or PlayStation controller. Contact us for more information and options.
    • Operating System: Windows or Linux
    • RAM: 8 GB or more
    • CPU: Intel I5 processor or equivalent
    • GPU: Dedicated graphics card recommended, but not required
  • Internet requirements:


Course Credits

This course was developed by the SIMNET team in close collaboration with ArduPilot Project members.  Special recognition goes to Randy Mackay, lead ArduCopter developer, for providing thorough input and feedback for this course.

Introduction to ArduCopter Auto Missions with Mission Planner

  • After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to obtain immediate access to the self-guided online course.  This is a one-time purchase, and no other purchases or subscriptions are necessary to access the course.

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