Drone Design and Simulation  Powered by the Cloud

SIMNET is a next-generation drone design exploration and simulation environment that runs on your web browser

How it Works


combine parametric components to create virtually any type of drone design, from multicopters, to fixed-wings and VTOLs


use SIMNET’s analysis tools to obtain real-time predictions of your aircraft’s performance such as flight time, range and payload capacity


simulate your aircraft to observe its flight characteristics and performance within realistic environments and atmospheric conditions


SIMNET combines an unparalleled set of multidisciplinary design and simulation capabilities into an intuitive, easy to use web interface

Aerodynamic Analysis

SIMNET is powered by our proprietary Typhon Physics Engine (TM), which uses state of the art algorithms to provide real-time aerodynamic and performance predictions.

Mass and Balance Analysis

SIMNET automatically estimates the mass and balance of the aircraft based on its design specifications.  If precise values are known by the user, these can always be entered manually.

Flight Simulation

Connect your transmitter to SIMNET to simulate your aircraft and observe its flight characteristics and performance under specific environmental and atmospheric conditions.

Propulsion System Analysis

SIMNET also analyzes the performance and dynamics of the propulsion system, including propellers, brushless motors and electric power systems, or internal combustion engines.

Aircraft Performance Analysis

SIMNET provides real-time prediction of over 30 aircraft performance parameters such as flight time, flight range, and payload capacity.

Flight Control System Analysis

SIMNET provides turnkey Software-In-The-Loop simulation of popular flight control systems such as ArduPilot and PX4 allowing you to test the flight control software in conjunction with the UAV airframe.



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