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This self-guided online course is designed to help you acquire the essential skills to operate a multicopter UAV confidently and effectively from both Line-of-Sight (LOS) and First-Person-View (FPV) perspectives.  The course combines self-guided theoretical lessons with hands-on simulated training exercises to provide you with a well-rounded learning experience. Join us and gain the expertise needed to confidently pilot your UAV.

What You Will Learn

  • Master flying a multicopter from Line-of-Sight (LOS) perspective
  • Master flying a multicopter from First-Person-View (FPV) perspective
  • Learn to use a camera gimbal to take precise aerial photographs
  • Learn tips and tricks from professionals to help you pilot a multicopter effectively and safely within realistic scenarios

Course Description

  • 10 simulated flight lessons, including wind turbine inspection and real estate photography scenarios
  • Simulated Matrice 200 quadcopter with camera gimbal
  • SIMNET Academy certificate of completion awarded at the end of the course
  • The purchase of this course includes access to the SIMNET Simulator platform for 6 months or 15 hours of simulation time.  This is sufficient to complete the course, and any remaining time can be used for free-flight simulation within the SIMNET Simulator platform.   If you wish to continue using SIMNET Simulator after this period, you may choose to purchase a subscription through the pricing page.



  • No previous knowledge is required for this course.
  • Hardware Requirements: 
  • Internet requirements:

Online Course: Manual Piloting of Multirotor UAVs

$29.99 Regular Price
$23.99Sale Price
  • After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to obtain immediate access to the self-guided online course.  This is a one-time purchase, and no other purchases or subscriptions are necessary to access the course.

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