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Cloud-Based Drone Aerodynamic Analysis Using SIMNET and AirShaper

The ecosystem of cloud-based UAS development tools continues to expand, offering developers a wider range of options to accelerate development. Here we demonstrate the use of SIMNET Designer in combination with AirShaper to analyze the aerodynamic performance of a fixed-wing UAV.

AirShaper is an online aerodynamics tool for engineers and designers, which streamlines the process of running Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses and optimizations.

While SIMNET Designer leverages Lifting-Line Theory to provide real-time aerodynamic predictions, CFD can provide higher fidelity results through increased computation time. Alternating between tools of varying fidelities gives the designer greater insight, allowing them to reach more optimized solutions in less time.

In this demonstration, a fixed-wing aircraft was designed in SIMNET, and the parametric model generated by SIMNET was exported to AirShaper for analysis. The results show good agreement of the aerodynamic forces and moments and provide greater insight into the aerodynamics of this design.

Take a look at the AirShaper results here:

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